How we do it

Project development: phases


Initial meeting with the client to present the product we offer for its brand. Description of the article, manufacturing materials, color options, design proposal, ... From there, our Technical and Marketing Department will get down to work to design the product with all the requirements asked by the client.


If we do not have the size or shape required by the customer, we can develop a new model that meets its requirements. Our Engineering Department will be in charge of translating this first idea into 2D and 3D plans in order to be able to make a first presentation to the customer. Thanks to 3D printing technology, if necessary, we can obtain a first prototype which will be an almost equal copy of the final product.

Mould making

Once the OK has been received to the test pieces as well as to the preliminary mould design, the Tooling Department will move on to the manufacture of the mould. In approximately 2 months it will be possible to start producing the first test parts.

Technical advice

Our Technical Department will guide you with any doubts that may arise during the project, we usually keep the client informed every fortnight of the evolution of the project with different technical reports as well as with images and illustrations. Finally, once the project is finished we make a report of reception of the project.


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