• Where there is a successful company, it is because someone once made a brave decision

  • Hydro Diffusion sells

    plastics in virgin pellets, out-of-standard pellets and additives for plastics, as well as masterbachs.

  • Because the natural thing to do is to leave a better world for future generations

  • Hydro Difusion develops turnkey projects

    around the plastics sector and we cover all processes: Injection, Thermoforming, Rotomoulding, Blowmoulding, Extrusion. 

  • Hydro Difusion stands out as a major national and international distributor of plastics

Who are we

Hydrodifusion is a company born in Cuba more than 15 years ago, dedicated to the commercialization of raw materials, currently being at an average of about 25,000Tm/year.

What we do

HYDRODIFUSIÓN SL. sells all kinds of plastic raw materials for the plastic processing industry in Cuba and South America. Our prestigious raw material partnersallow us to offer the best product available on the market for each product of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

How we do it

Initial meeting with the client to present the product we offer for its brand. Description of the article, manufacturing materials, color options, design proposal, ...


C/ Albert Einstein ,42
08223 Terrassa, Barcelona (Spain)

(+34) 931 406 833
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